Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Raksha Bandhan

what do we mean by raksha bandan?.Normally people say that sister ties rakhi to her brother to protect her.what my question is,why cant a father , a son ,lover,a fiance.Well i know we have other occasion to celebrate with(fathers day,valentine day).The idea behind raksha bandan is protect her/to look after her.we Indians won't think in broad way.we always narrow it down and make constraints.Like only sisters has to rakhi to brother.Any women can tie rakhi to any men ,if she believes he is her protector/saviour/well wisher.
Especially the youth think otherwise.if a girls other than his sister tries to tie a rakhi ,he always go 2 steps backwards.Broaden your thinking.if any girl comes to you to tie a knot,you should accept her.Because she is giving every right to protect her.And its up to you if you want to be lover ,yes you could be.


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