Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rango & Paul

For past 2 to 3 days my mood was at abyss .Its just the placement fever.But i have a medicine, "Movies".In a span of 10 hours saw two movies which are humerus and entertaining.

yesterday i had an exam,and right after the exam i saw this movie called "RINGO".It is about a chameleon who become a hero from Zero,simply by his uncommon acts.I wont revel the story but  its an bit old story cooked in a new pot called animation.

The story happen in wild west and most of the scenes are copied from other movies.A good to watch animation movie.

So after the movie i had dinner ,but before that put PAUL for downloading.

 Yearly in the morning at 6:30 am,ready to watch the movie.So watched it.its an another comic movie from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.I have seen two of their combination "shaun of the dead" and "hot fuzz".

Paul has an element of excitement because it deals with aliens and spaceships.The story is very entertaining.Two nerds from England comes to US to attend Comic-Con convention.After the convention the two takes a road trip in their Caravan to visit the places of major extraterrestrial importance.

In the journey they met PAUL an alien ,then the real story begins.They help Paul to escape from the earth.During the journey Simon finds his love and new characters will add for time to time to need to watch for remaining story.

They are good watch and refreshment.


  1. Johnny Depp is one cool actor! I can imagine his lines as Paul the alien or Rango? OK read between the lines right Sandeep? How many stars of 10 being the best what number of stars do you rate? Is this a must see movie?

  2. @asianjade:i don't want to give stars to these movies.these are good entertainers.



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