Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Social Media Dashboards

15 days before,i don't know what are these.Now i am using one for my personal use.well you know what a dashboard means,but these social media dash boards lets you update,monitor, manage and maintain several communication outlets at once.

finally after reading many article and reviews on various dashboards,i selected Hootsuit as my personal social media dashboard.

I integrated facebook,twitter and thing you need to consider when choosing is,what are are different social networks they are compatible with.because hoot suit don't have blogger integration.but wordpress user you people are lucky.
you can see all the social networks from one can update same message to all the networks.Now i am using a free version,so wont get many tool like analytics,monitoring the crowd etc.
Business and Brands

but this could be very well used for businesses and brands.Now many of the companies are interacting with customer through social networks,so with this dashboard they can communicate with one message,can analyse the data with the tools.
social media managers can separate their personal profiles with the company profile( we know the chrysler fiasco).

there are many social media dash boards similar to Hootsuit,some of the popular dashboards are given below...

Threadsy is an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard that allows organizations to connect through multiple email accounts as well as Facebook and Twitter. Free to use, Threadsy is great for managing your nonprofit or business’s brand from one clean dashboard across the big names in social media platforms. With no fees and no downloads, this service should make a splash in the space for both personal use and use by your organization.

Myweboo is upstart startup which invites users to discover, browse and read popular streams and share them with friends and followers. You or your organization can choose from a wide variety of “applications” to connect to and stream to a dashboard from categories like news, social, fashion, photo and video. These streams can be viewed together of filtered from “My Dashboard” and then easily shared via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Delicious and other networks. You’re in complete control of which sites will make up your dashboard. Free to use, Myweboo is run by an appealing brother-and-sister pair of young tech stars.

Netvibes lets organizations keep track of the news and trends that matter, create unique personal and public dashboards and share these public dashboards or sites with anyone, anywhere, at any time. You can easily create fun and personalized widgets — detailing the weather, to-do lists, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts or Flickr updates, among many others — and post them to both personal and public dashboards. Organizations can choose a theme, name their pages and organize them with tabs and share them with the world.



  2. @ mimi berlin:you can add you feed to netvibes dashboard and i already did shows all your social network sites.



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