Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tata crucible 2011,Ahmedabad

It is an exhilarating movement for the Amdavad's management student.Yet again Tata crucible showed that though the IIM-A is top B-school,they don't have enough gray cells to compete with NIRMA and MICA.

        This is my second attempt to at least reach the top 6,now it became my last too.Any way i am posting partial questions from the Quiz..Correct me if i go wrong any where...


1.Venkatesh and Shivadas started this chain in Kalyan, mumbai.and built their venture to a national ethnic fast-food powerhouse with a retro Bollywood theme.what is the fast-food we are talking?
Ans:Vada pav 

2."Aalami ___________" is the first India 24 hours Urdu news channel started by a media business conglomerate? name it

3.P&G campain of Shadow shampoo .HUL used ambush marketing .which is the hul product that was against Panteen?


4. Identify the logo(logo shown with out name)

5.founded in 1952 by late Shri K.V.Pendharkar, the Group has emerged today as makers of the best internationally known products of the Ayurveda.what is the group(Question contains some other clues like)


6.In 1961,this company became first japanees company to be listed in the wall street?


7.Israeli company Modu along with an indian company made a world's lightest mobile phone"________ modu -T".what is the indian company?


ans:swaminathan aiyar
9.In santoor,the word 'san" came from sandle then "toor" came from?


10.An indian two wheeler company first time launche thier three wheeler product called "king".what is the company?

11.April 14,is now observed as a matrimony day.which company introduce this day?


12.Book cover(with no pic and name) based on whom the book was written?
13.Mel Blanc voiced the character for 49 years.he has his enemies as porky pig and Elmer fudd etc..?

ans:Bugs bunny

14.Artistry,Satinique,Attitude,LOC are the brands of which company?


15.Company formed by John H patterson and its first name is"The Cash"?what is it now called?(contains some other clues)

ans;National cash registry(NCR)

16.Identify the person(toughest)
ans:Alan turing

17.this international telecommunication company name was inspired by a company called "victrola".name the company?


18.In Dilberts comic "who is the most desperate venture capitalist"?


19.A question regarding Nirma's jingle(forgot it!)

20.identify the company?

ans:C dot

i will post the final questions 2mro.......


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  1. great job buddy.....
    plz post some questions from main round.....



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