Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lord of War

                                           "Never go to war,especially with yourself."

The movie is based on International arm dealer.Though the story was fictional,most of the conflicts portrayed i the film were real .You will find historical depicts of the war happened in many places.The brutality of the war was shown by clearly saying that an arm dealer is a spec in the world of arm deals .
    The five largest arms exporters USA, UK, Russia,France, and China are also the permanent member in the security council of UN.this shows the gravity of the situation.
    So there will never be peace in this world.This movie depicts the situation happened in Lebanon, Sudan, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

  Nicolas Cage as an international arm deal gave a scintillating performance .The screenplay was good,never felt bored.In the end Cage choose his passion instead of his family that is dealing ,in which he is good at.

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