Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Lost Thing

This is a short animated film that won 2011 Oscars.It has wonderful story and hats off to the imaginative story.
 The story is about a teen who found a thing(neither a machine or an animal) on the beach.No one knows about this thing,even his friend who know about he brings it to home,but his parent didn't approve that.At last he sees an advertisement which say that Department of Lost and found will take care of the unknown thing.

  He goes there,but a worker gives him a slip of direction and asks him not to submit the thing there.So he takes the direction slip and finds the place which is a place for Unknown things that doesn't know by anyone.hey say good bye to his unknown friend and leaves the unknown world.

What captivated me most is the story.Its like a dream,full of imaginative things.In the end the movie shows the life of a mechanical world where there is no value to emotions.

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