Sunday, February 27, 2011

My blog's 500 Mark

  Thanks to all my blog viewers...

Cadbury's Bubbaloo Decision gum

well we youngster are always in dilemma while taking decisions.Taking this insight,Cadbury made this TVC.

watch the TVC below..

King's Speech

Well i need to say a lot about this movie....

            Yesterday my juniors gave us a farewell party(Thanks to them!).It was fun filled and most of my friends enjoyed it.But i don't know why,i couldn't enjoyed much .i felt like i was all alone in the crowd.

         So i came home in the middle and started watching this movie.

No person in this world is perfect,even the king.But every person in this world is special,even me.That's what i learned from this movie.we all have our own strengths and weakness.So work on your weakness,at te same time polish your strengths.

           The movie is a historical drama about Stuttering King George VI.Inorder to overcome his stammer,he was introduced to Lionel Logue ,a speech therapist without any credentials.And the story continues with the friendship between them and how the king overcomes the stammer by giving a speech rememberd by his people till now.

this is a classic.Collin Firth was awesome as king.each and every frame was captivating so was Geofry Rush(pirates of caribbean fame) ,he was fentabulous . 

                                        no more to say....just watch it....very inspiring...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Defination of Innovation and innovative brands.

A glimpse from Mindshare Brand Equity Compass 2011, held in Mumbai on February 24.

Topic:"Innovation, Involvement and Investment"

WATCH what Mindshare's Gowthaman Ragothaman, Ravi Rao and Madan Sanglikar, Lowe Lintas' R Balki, and HSBC's Maitri Kumar had to say.

WATCH what BCCL's Bhaskar Das, Mindshare's Anita Karnik, Nokia's Viral Oza, IKYA Global's Marcel Parker, and Prozone's Vishal Mirchandani had to say:

WATCH what Mindshare's Dominic Proctor and Hans Mathew, Aditya Birla Group's Ajay Kakar,'s Krishnan Ganesh, and Luxury Hues Consultancy's Amit Dutta had to say:

Friday, February 25, 2011

Coca cola happiness machine





                                                its the best ever viral marketing i have it and be happy                      

Salman Khan jumps off Mountain for Mountain dew

New brand campaign featuring brand ambassador Salman Khan jumping off from the highest peaks of New Zealand. Wingsuit Flying, an upcoming adventure sport has been used to take forward the brand message of ‘Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai’.

  Watch TVC below.

Until December Mountain dew didn't had  any brand ambassadors.They brought Salman in,and its is first ad.
I didn't find any thing special in this ad to make it differentiable with other mountain dew ads.

But Salman factor is enough to make the brand visible nationally.Now with the Dabaang success in rural areas in the county,may there is more penetration of this ad.and moreover it the cricket season.

Good timing and good brand ambassador.but personally i didn't got any message like "Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai’ from this TVC.

HP's new Global Campaign "Everybody On"

HP's new global marketing campaign celebrates how people around the world are using HP technology to pursue their personal and professional passions.

The launch of its worldwide "Everybody On"  tagline and branding campaign – "spanning music, fashion, community activism, business and more" – is being executed via an integrated marketing campaign featuring print, broadcast, online and social media.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

sketching cartoons

Facebook E-mail

I got my Facebook email:

go and get yours

Parle Fulltoss

Parle for its Fulltoss snacks used renowned magician Ugesh Sarkar .Parle uses the street magic to made this videos and put it in the youtube.after that they used these videos in thier TVC .

Though the TVC's were different and interesting,there is nothing magic about it.But sure it will grab the attention of customer  and it is a good time to promote  as cricket is around.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Puma:Love Run.Meet Someone Fit

Ogilvy Australia

afaqs Buzziest brands 2011

Afaqs conducted a poll to find out the most buzz making brands.other words, it is the story of brands that the users enjoy talking about.

Facebook,Blackberry,and Docomo came in top three positions.
(Click here to see top 60) .

Top gainers and losers

For more Buzz

A Website a Day-7


afaqs!,   is an online repository of advertising ,media and marketing is one of the best online website dedicated to marketing communications.

It updates you with daily news of what happening in advertising circles.And it also contains case studies of successful media campaigns.

very helpful to marketing go through it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pantene:Hair fall control

neat ,sleek and to the point..

CAPTCHA Advertising

Its amazing that everyting and anything can be done through Internet.In US ,Online and social media advertising attracting companies to spent their advertising budgets.As more and more people trying to connect and want to be virtually social through this medium.

Now there are many way of advertising a brand in virtual space like,Placing ads in a website ,creating a fan page in social networks etc.But have you ever heard of CAPTCHA marketing.well it is one of the innovativ e way of  advertising.

Those who are not familiar withe term,"CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test. This is a tool that websites often use to ensure that an action is completed by an actual human being, rather than a spamming bot."

If you have left comments on blogs or registered for just about anything online you have likely completed a CAPTCHA. They can sometimes be difficult to read, and are made more difficult to read as spammers get better and better.

A few years later Carnegie Mellon University created a system called reCAPTCHA which asked users to enter words from scanned books. This allowed the school to both block spammers and digitize many out-of-print books. It was a novel way to do something positive with a chore done by millions of people each day. In 2009, Google acquired the tool and continued to use it to digitize its book collection.

How will advertiser use this tool,well a user starts some registration process. After filling out private details, instead of a captcha image – he sees an ad. The various of ads can be flash ads, banners, or video clips. The user gets a question that refers to the ad for which he has to figure out the correct answer (and type it, of course). The correct answer is used as a captcha verification.

It could be some thing like Name the brand that your a seeing.Or entering the tag line.

When we come to contact with CAPTCHA we never give that much attention to the normal one and some times we feel sick to type those gibberish words.But the new format will certainly your eyes.For a few second you may be amused to see an ad,so the recall.

"Solve Media ,one of the pioneers in this says that they have a 1200% better rate of recall than a banner ad.As every day million of internet users came across these ad ,may be its a viable option for marketers.

But,Captchas are usually used when signing up to a service to verify you’re human – if they can’t tell if you’re a human or not how are they able to tell if you are male, female, young, old.

Anyway keep watching,you may not know tomorrow it could become a revolution in the way we advertise. 

A Website a Day-6

Tineye is a website which is extensively used for image search.Actually it is one of the best website for image searching.By inputing an image you will get the content with which it is related.

comes very handy while doing online quizzes.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Max Manus

 This is my 2nd Norwegian movie and its a story of freedom fighter during WW2.

The story deals with Nazis capture of Norway and how Max manus try to sabotage German warships by attaching bombs to them.

Though  a war related story,it cover the life and times of Max manus.The story goes in a chronological order.

It has every element in it.But most important i learned a chapter from WW2.

My class room sketching

Save as WWF.Save a Tree

Winter's Bone

It is one of the most dramatic movies i ever seen.It has a heart touching story.
The story shows how  family relationships works in a poverty stricken locality Its about a teenage girl who takes on the responsibility of raising her two younger siblings and dreams of entering the military.

Actually she needs to find out her father who is needed by police.unless he shows up for trial in a week's time, they will lose the house which for collateral.

And the story continues with the search of  him by the girl.At the end she finds her father was the mean time she become closer to her uncle.

The girl and the uncle did their parts well.and they won some awards for tier roles.

Good watch and waiting for the Oscars.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Website a Day-5


The Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP) Entrepreneurship Corner is a free online archive of entrepreneurship resources for teaching and learning. The mission of the project is to support and encourage faculty around the world who teach entrepreneurship to future scientists and engineers, as well as those in management and other disciplines. The site has been developed by a dynamic team of educators, entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers at the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP).

Friday, February 18, 2011

Nisaan "Juke" Model Vs Model

Private Labels

Private labels are brands owned and marketed by modern retailers at prices lower than national brands across categories.These are normally in store brands.
 Higher margins,cheaper price and better bargaining power for the retailers are the main reasons for growing of private labels.In the long run,retailer can use the private labels to attract customers.And the trend is more in package foods.India is a price sensitive market, and in certain products categories, brands are not present at price points affordable to all. In such cases,private label to fill the gap, which is around 15-25% cheaper than the national brand

 For example the Tasty Treat's Cornflakes competes with Kellogg cornflakes,Tasty Treat Noodles ,Sach tooth paste etc.Aditya Birla has in-house labels in more than 40 categories.The list includes Feasters Noodles,110% Dishwash Bar,Kitchens Promise Pickles and Fresh-ODent toothbrushes.

Read more

Some Iformation

Whats their share of organised retail product market in India

Private labels constitute around 10-12 % of the organised retail product market in India

Why are private labels growing

Higher margins,cheaper price and better bargaining power for the retailers.In the long run,retailer can use the private labels to attract customers.

Whats the degree of their penetration among Indian retail companies

Its highest in Trent with 90%,followed by Reliance Retail (80%),Pantaloon (75%),Nilgiri's (38%),Indiabulls /Piramyd (30%) and Foodworld (22%).

Source: KPMGs report titled Indian Retail: Time to Change Lanes

Really:Windows phone 7 ad

A Website a Day-4

TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design.

        It has rich content of video presentations.Eminent people from various sectors participate and share their views in the conferences conducted by TED. I am doing my part to spread this knowledge.

Innovative product designs

We all know that packaging plays an important role in selling a product. When a consumer goes to a supermarket or a store, he does not see an innovative product. What he sees is the packaging. In fact, majority of buying decisions are made in front of the shelf. 

Unique logos, unusual shapes, bright colors, striking text and textures are among the elements that usually catch the attention of consumers.

 some more cool designs

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Patiala House

Well i don't know how to start this post,so divided this post into few sections:-

         Though a routine story line,execution is good.And the first half is really good.Akshay kumar  acted well as son of rigid minded Rishi kapoor.Kapoor has a powerful role as a white hater and protector of Indian rights in the county(Story happens in England).So people respects him.In turn his son pays for that respect.Akshay want to become a cricket but his dad wont give him permission to play for England.well i don't want to indulge into story.but eventually he convinces his father.
          Again Anushka Sharma acted as a cheerful bubbly girl.And all the actors also did their part well.

          I don't know why the director choose cricket .Fine  i am ok with it,but they made England cricket management as fools.Hoe could any one select a person who is fast bowler in his teens and never played it for 17 years.This ridiculous.may be director thought that it may get good collections as cricket season is coming.but inclusion of cricket is the single biggest thing.I can dig many such things,but leave it.

...............liked the movie as whole.can watch it once.

Brands in the movie:-
         Reebok,ESPN,Starsports,HDFC standard Life,Kingfisher.

Free and Good promotion for "KAALI the Great"

A Website a Day-3


The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is comprised of more than 460 leading media and technology companies who are responsible for selling 86% of online advertising in the United States. On behalf of its members, the IAB is dedicated to the growth of the interactive advertising marketplace, of interactive’s share of total marketing spend, and of its members’ share of total marketing spend. The IAB educates marketers, agencies, media companies and the wider business community about the value of interactive advertising. Working with its member companies, the IAB evaluates and recommends standards and practices and fields critical research on interactive advertising.

It contains interview,industry insights,article and video regarding advertising and social media .

Buddy Media-Brand's best buddy

Two days back i came across an article regarding social media advertising .The article talks about how global brands are using social media to capture the consumers mind.And it talked about a company called Buddy Media.

   Buddy Media is  fully integrated software-as-a-service platform for brands to manage every aspect of their Facebook presence.Buddy Media is now high on the leaderboard with seven top global brands powered by their platform, making is the enterprise Facebook management system of choice for the world’s largest advertisers with a suite of proprietary tools.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


"there is no good with out evil"
"you need to have a reason to win"
"being good has its perks"

Out of all those above the first one is my best line.i used to argue with many of my friends that bad things should happen because then only good will get the value.Evil has equal importance as good.

After watching this movie i felt that i am in same path as megamind that "there is a benefit to losing,you get to learn from new mistakes".

Good animation and loved the story and its an inspirational .so watch it and enjoy yourself.

Can categories last longer than brands?

There are four possibilities that the marketing person can explore within this terrain. 

One is the building of the narrow brand. If you own the Lexus, build the Lexus brand. This is what I call narrow-spectrum branding.

Second is building the mother brand for the company that owns it. If you are a Bru, you build the mother brand that can hold out as an umbrella for a number of Bru offerings.

Third is building the company brand. If you are in the automotive category and you are a Ford, build the Ford brand name. All brand outfits will figure under the House of Ford name. Build equity into the name that is literally forever. The Fiesta may come and go as a consumer flavour of the years, but the Ford name is forever. Therefore, whatever you invest in the Ford name in building the corporate name is a forever-investment.

The fourth is building of the category as a whole. This is best done when there is either no competition in the category at all, or you are the market leader. Also best done when you have a concept that is totally new, or when the penetration of the category you wish to dominate is next to nothing in a market. This can also be used when there is a crisis in the market or when there is negative sentiment in the market due to a crisis that has destroyed equity.

The fourth route has been experimented with many a time. Here are some examples.

Milkmaid used it in India in building the category of condensed milk. The company was the clear market leader with literally no competition to boot. This continued for decades till the first Mithai Mate came by.

Woodward’s Gripe water did this to build the anti-colic solution market in India. A whole generation respected the anti-colic campaign. Particularly troubled mothers, who still swear by Woodward’s even today, when their children are all of 50 years old!

The cola category in the country could have used it, if only the cola majors could get together legally and otherwise. The sugar industry, the coconut oil industry, the cashewnut trade and many others are examples that can actually use this to advantage. 

Harish Bijoor
Brand consultant

A Website a Day -2


   Tutor2u is one of the sites which has vast of resource of management students.It has case studies,presentations and  articles related to business ,economy and other management subjects.

Sonic Branding


Sound or sonic branding is a broad term which encompasses various sound formats that can be associated with a brand such as signature tune, jingle, background music, tag line, background song and brand theme.
 In branding Sound is as important as logo or the visual images .We easily recognize Nike or Doordarshan or Mac'D with their logo.Similarly,some of the most memorable examples in Sonic branding would include the signature tunes of Titan, Britannia, Raymond, Nokia, Liril, Vodafone, Airtel, Tata DoCoMo and some of the jingles/songs of television commercials of yesteryears such as Hamara Bajaj, Sabki Pasand Nirma.

If company want to give complete Customer experience,it has to be multi-sensory .Sound reaches the sub-conscious,triggers the memories and brings out the emotions.Sometimes music can be used to enhance the visual content.It will complement the visuals to make the TVC more memorable.  

 Now a days Radio advertising took the pace because of its reach to the young population .This becomes  relevant now as more and more brands are competing in this space.

 read more

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Website a Day

Web is a Ocean of knowledge.I came across  many websites and blogs which i used to improve my professional and personal life .Everyday tens and dozens of new websites born which has rich content .So from Today on i want to share websites that i used and came across .


     TrueKnowledge is not a typical search engine.It is an answer engine which means,if you ask a question it gives u answer rather than providing links to the related topic which the normal search engines do.Well it cant answer every question and for that it just says that it didn't know the answer.

      just try it by typing sandeep kumar reddy dodla

Super Bowl 2011 Beverage ads

Budweiser wildwest(prison Break's John Abruzzi)

Super Bowl 2011 Top commercials

Britannia Campus Recruitment Film

relevant to my situation now.



Monday, February 14, 2011

"No Revolution ever followed a script"

The revolution in Egypt was historic not only for toppling President Hosni Mubarak after 30 years, but for revealing the awesome power social media had amassed - enough to be the instrument that inspired hundreds of thousands of people already staunchly opposed to the regime to rise up and act as one.

The protesters In Egypt were mobilized largely via the use of Facebook and Twitter, over 18 long days. 

Facebook Revolution
Mubarak toppled
Facebook Freedom Fighter

Volkswagen-Black Beetle

Entomological creative..excellent animation.

Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom mocking Apple's ipad. good way of differentiation.

LaLan Apparel Dance

This is the best lingerie ad that i ever seen.Normally advertisements of bras contains bedroom scenes,hot models and languorous poses.But this is ingenious and to the point.No seductive content and all the models are at ease while dancing ,this shows that LaLan gives more comfort (functionality).

With luv

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gandhi ji fonts

To commerate the birth of Gandhi ji 141st  birth Leo burnett developed these fonts .just try these..

Madagascar,a journey diary

Madagascar, Carnet de Voyage” (Madagascar, a Journey Diary) is one of five animated short films nominated for an Academy Award this year. From a purely artistic standpoint this animated short by French filmmaker Bastien Dubois is compelling to view. Colored pencil and watercolor drawings come to life, so that viewers feel like they’ve stepped into the pages of a traveler’s diary. Dubois undoubtedly achieved this using a rotoscoping technique in Adobe After Effects — a process of drawing masks, animating the path and then using the masks to define a matte.

Read more


Burgernomics is based on the theory of purchasing-power parity (PPP), the notion that a dollar should buy the same amount in all countries. This implies that in the long run, the exchange rate between two countries should move towards the rate that equalises the prices of an identical basket of goods and services in each country. Our "basket" is a McDonald's Big Mac, which is produced in about 120 countries. The Big Mac PPP is the exchange rate that would mean hamburgers cost the same in America as abroad. Comparing actual exchange rates with PPPs indicates whether a currency is under- or overvalued.

read more

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ramona and Beezus

well its kinda cute and family movie.Its an adaptation of book "Beezus and Ramona".All characters were good and they acted well.Joey King who played as li'l sister is fabulous and her acting is very mature.i feel its a good watch. more

A Movie Day

Today i felt so lazy.woke up at 9 in the morning,didn't attended the class.But ended up watching 3 movies(Ramona and Beezus,Paths of glory,American History X).wow! what a day.each movie is distinctive in itself.well i talk about them individually in my next post.In the middle read some blogs and an article in Economist.Its almost 8 feeling dizzy.Now going for a bath with Bajaj Rice Cooker heated water.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Birth of Zero as new Hero

This is the outdoor teaser campaign by the Videocon for the introduction of their zero paisa/sec.The campaign showed the birth of its new mascot, 'Zero' for its new 'zero paisa per second' offering.

This is very innovative and eye catchy.People will definitely find it amusing if the outdoor changes daily.its like evolution .I suppose it will sure create the buzz .
And there is a TVC on the similar theme for the larger mass.The ad capture the emotions of everyone from children to grandmoms.And "Zero" fills joy in everyone.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Product placement in movies

Just watched the movie "Book of Eli".The story was good .the book served the purpose of what it was written for.But what i was amazed was the Brand placement in the movie.Just found out two, "Puma" and "Motorola".
if anyone finds more just put it in the comment .

The "haat" of Rural economy

Rural markets is where the action is for marketers, and haats are the best bet for companies to reach out to this burgeoning consumer segment. As these hubs emerge as the nerve centre of distribution and points of communication, an RMAI study on haats, available exclusively to FE, sheds interesting light on how India Inc can cash in on the opportunity.
Location and size matters

A haat is spread over 5-6 acres and located about 24 km from the nearest big town. The catchment area for a large haat is comparatively high in states of Madhya Pradesh (100 villages), Bihar (85 villages) and Orissa (79 villages), while it is lowest in Andhra Pradesh (14 villages). In case of small haats, the catchment area in MP is highest at an average of 32 villages, while it is lowest in AP (11 villages). In the past, haats in rural areas were organised by zamindars and the rulers of princely states and later by the panchayats. Today, in most regions, panchayats are the organisers and owners of haat land areas. However, in states such as Tamil Nadu (75%), Bihar (75%) and UP (55%), private parties are increasingly organising haats. The participation fee on the haat day averages Rs 13 per stall. It ranges as high as Rs 24 in Maharashtra and low at Rs 6-7 in Bihar and MP.
Money spin 

Though people from all rural socio-economic classes visit haats every week, the proportion of SEC R3 and R4 is comparatively higher than that of R1 and R2. Companies use haats as an awareness generation medium. Nearly three-fifth of FMCG sellers at haats purchase products on cash, while the rest two-fifth of them buy on credit. Sellers prefer to buy from cos that offer them longer credit periods and higher margins. In case of credit purchases, the credit period averages around 11 days. Average margin offered to FMCG sellers at haats is 9%, though it varies from state to state.

Market matrix
Haats sell almost all kinds of products that are needed for a rural lifestyle, from agricultural products to hair pins. Though agricultural products (53%) still have a major share, manufactured goods (19%) and processed foods (6%) have gradually found entry. On any haat day, an average buyer spends around Rs 40 on FMCG products. The spending amount varies from state to state. It nears Rs 60 in states of UP and Maharashtra, while is comparatively lower at Rs 22 in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. The average amount of sale of branded products by an FMCG seller is around Rs 2,224, while his total sale (including unbranded FMCG products) adds up to around Rs 7,521. To increase their sales, a seller usually tries to visit several haats. On an average, a seller visits at least three haats per week. Though sellers in Maharashtra show a more aggressive trend of visiting six haats per week, those in Orissa and Bihar largely concentrate on two haats in a week.

original article from FE


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Guerilla marketting

amazing execution.its the best way to attract the attention of the people


Saw the movie in 3D in the morning.Amazing cinematography and graphics.its a good watch.felts amazed to know that its based on real incidents.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Troll Hunter (My first Norwegian movie)

well i liked the way they filmed it.It is called mocumentary.liked the story which is related to native Norway.Though having a bit comedy ,it filled with thrill.some of the scenes were realistic .liked the movie as a whole.
The Troll Hunter
More trolls

Startup Saturday

Just saw this blog StartupSaturday register here and participate.I am participating on 12th feb.

for more info Here

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hair clip

"Rubber"-The movie

RUBBER is the story of Robert, an inanimate tire that has been abandoned in the desert, and suddenly and inexplicably comes to life. As Robert roams the bleak landscape, he discovers that he possesses terrifying telepathic powers that give him the ability to destroy anything he wishes without having to move. At first content to prey on small desert creatures and various discarded objects, his attention soon turns to humans, especially a beautiful and mysterious woman who crosses his path. Leaving a swath of destruction across the desert landscape, Robert becomes a chaotic force to be reckoned with, and truly a movie villain for the ages. Directed by legendary electro musician Quentin Dupieux (Steak, Nonfilm), aka Mr. Oizo, RUBBER is a smart, funny and wholly original tribute to the cinematic concept of "no reason."



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