Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Summer begins now

Summer brings the celebrations for cola companies.with the insight that Indians prefer traditional drinks like nimbu paani and coconut water,companies are coming with those concepts.

Well the local markets are already filled with road side "nimbu paani carts" ,"coconut vendors" and "Gola vendors",the big guns like Coca cola,Pepsi,and Parle with their huge advertising budgets were trying to occupy these markets.

here are some of the ads from coca cola. for Maaza and Minute Maid nimbu fresh
After hectic office lets have a mango drink.

why so hurry.feel every sip.nicely executed.

Bringing childhood memories and attaching it with the product.that's the only part i liked

ideation was good,but i didn't liked the execution .i don't know why they need to go to Mandi.its not at all necessary.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Nation Branding

Branding is all around us for hundreds of years. Branding the companies,branding the products ,personal branding (living brand like Richard Barson,Amitabh Bachachan ),well the country branding(similar to destination branding/location branding)

In the wake of globalization, the world become a supermarket and countries were neatly arranged in a self for the passerby global passengers.They are using different strategies to promote Travel, to bring in Investments and to improve Exports.

Creating a branding program for a country requires a lot more things. Government policies, media backup and more importantly people support. If a country has positive reputation and clean image, then it’s all the more easily to do. The country Germany makes you think about technology, Italy for fashion, Japan for consumer electronics, China for cheap goods and India for spirituality and snake charmers(well now it is known for its IT outsourcing).

Many countries want to build their brand equity through world famous events. China changed her negative image by conducting spectacular Olympics.South Africa tried to promote the tourism through FIFA world cup. Many people came to know about Qatar because of WTO’s Doha round, Spain was known for the Bull Fighting .Kazakhstan was known to the world because of one man, “Borat”.

Films and TV also play an important role in promoting a country.Peter Jackson’s LOTR was shot in Picturesque Newzeland, James Bond’s Casino Royale at Venice and recent Airtel ad at Prague, Czech Republic (need not to mention Bollywood & Tollywood who spend needless amount of money on foreign locations!!!). It promotes Tourism as well as foreign film investments.

Here are some of the countries with their successful branding 


The country brand is defined by its people, culture, behaviour,education and is an amalgamation of sub brands. Tata’s corporate image, Jaipur palace and Indian free economic policy, all serves to enhance India’s brand equity.

With the Incredible India campaign, India  showed its rich heritage, famous land marks and culture which is well diversified. As one of the oldest civilizations, it gave the world varied things like Yoga, Ayurveda,Indian curry, worshipping Cow, palaces of Maharajas and Bollywood.

Apart from tourism,india is famous for its IT out sourcing. Bangalore became a silicon valley of India and recent comments of Barack Obama on Outsourcing gave more importance to the industry.The economic reforms and new trade policies brought in more FDI in to the country.


South Africa hosted 2010 FIFA world cup.They used social media help to promote the country.They conducted a contest in and according to the brief,community created the ad for the promotion.
The country not only tried to promote tourism,but also their stable economic condition,well regulated capital markets ,infrastructure and communication.


Australia has one of the best tourism and brand images in the world. Picturesque beaches and landscapes, beautiful coral reefs are the mark of the country.In January 2009 Tourism Queensland embarked on a global search to find an Island Caretaker to explore the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia and report back to the world about their experiences.and they called it the "Best job in the world"

Australia is also a preferred destination for students from developing countries who want to do their higher education.Australia is origin to many famous companies like RioTinto ,BHP Bilton and ANZ bank.


It is one of the best ever tourism promotional activity in the world.The "truly Asia" tag line depicts whole .it just say that visiting Malaysia is equal to visiting whole Asia. The campaign got many international awards as well as brought huge tourism traffic.


FutureBrand worked on Peru’s new positioning statement looking for making visible the country’s multifaceted richness, its specialized patrimony and the captivating halo that results of the combination of people, grounds, climates, goods, opportunities. Visually, the spiral form that the “P” has evokes one of the graphic motives present in all the cultures born in Peru’s land that represents evolution, change, transformation. I

Well the list may go on as each country trying to brand themselves in a positive way...

So, the images we have about a country impact a lot on how we view it as a tourist destination,an investment place or a place from which we can buy brands.I think branding is another reason that brings gap between developing and developed nations.

 feedback is necessary(brickbats are welcome too) to improve my self.thank you for reading.

Japan:A strange Country

Japan:Tsunami(info graphics)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

TED:Ads Worth Spreading

for more ads TED

Science Fiction all day

Two days back when i was doing a spelling check for the word "Abyss"(in google!!),i came across a movie with the same title.James Cameroon was the director ,so out of sheer enthusiasm i download it.


Wowwww! that was my first expression after watching this.Marvelous story at par with "Avatar" and better than "Sanctum".
The movie has full length under water picturization.I was really amazed by the technology and animation used in the movie(it is a 1989 movie).

well the story is about a bunch of under water oil rig technician who came across Aliens in the water.They were living under the deep fathoms without harming any one.but one day a US nuclear submarine met with an accident in deep water and get submerged. US Military want to know what happen( they thought Russians did it).So they bring Under water OUl rig tecchnician to know what happen to the submarine.

The real story happens from here.But more important is the visualization and imagination of Cameroon. Writing such a story and directing it simply fantastic.

The movie has message to the world.Aliens want peace among people,if we fight with each other they will kill us all.

The Thing

The alien bug bit me,so i searched IMDB to find out similar genre  of same time period(1980's).And i came across with this movie.Story and screen play was good,though a bit cruelty was show( its a must for that character!).
The story happen in Antarctica .A bunch of US scientists found out that their camp was  inhibited by an alien who occupy any life form by taking away the body.No one knows who is infected and the alien eats away one by one to improve its strength.
  It can live in the ice for millions of years and Fire is its enemy.A good watch.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Most Typical Person In The World

National Geographic released this video to commemorate world's 7 billion population.The information is fascinating.

Tayota Sienna "Swagger Wagon"

A cool music video from Tayota.It depicts a family doing all the household chores with a pinch of rap.The ad says that minivan is a part of happy middle class family.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Google Science Fair

take a look at Scratch

Rango & Paul

For past 2 to 3 days my mood was at abyss .Its just the placement fever.But i have a medicine, "Movies".In a span of 10 hours saw two movies which are humerus and entertaining.

yesterday i had an exam,and right after the exam i saw this movie called "RINGO".It is about a chameleon who become a hero from Zero,simply by his uncommon acts.I wont revel the story but  its an bit old story cooked in a new pot called animation.

The story happen in wild west and most of the scenes are copied from other movies.A good to watch animation movie.

So after the movie i had dinner ,but before that put PAUL for downloading.

 Yearly in the morning at 6:30 am,ready to watch the movie.So watched it.its an another comic movie from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.I have seen two of their combination "shaun of the dead" and "hot fuzz".

Paul has an element of excitement because it deals with aliens and spaceships.The story is very entertaining.Two nerds from England comes to US to attend Comic-Con convention.After the convention the two takes a road trip in their Caravan to visit the places of major extraterrestrial importance.

In the journey they met PAUL an alien ,then the real story begins.They help Paul to escape from the earth.During the journey Simon finds his love and new characters will add for time to time to need to watch for remaining story.

They are good watch and refreshment.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

T-Mobile Welcome Back

One of the best ever ads and the receiver of British Arrow award 2011

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Social Media Landscape

Benda Bilili:The Congolese Music

Staff Benda Bilili are a group of street musicians in Congo-Kinshasa. They live around the grounds of the zoo in Kinshasa, and play music which is rooted in rumba, with elements of old-school rhythm 'n' blues and reggae.

"Ricky has a dream: to make Staff Benda Bilili the best band in Congo Kinshasa.Roger, a street child, more than ever wants to join these stars of the ghetto, who get around in customized tricycles. Together, they must avoid the pitfalls of the street, stay united and find the force to hope in music."

Friday, March 18, 2011

Got Punk'd: Marketing moves that backfired

Social media marketing slowly gaining the importance because of its cheap and and effective communication with the customer.In fact the best brands in the world already marked their presence in Facebook,Twitter and other social networking sites.

But you need to be cautious because, the same people that praised you may got against you that too in front if everyone.

Recently i came across such an example that made me dig bit deeper in to the subject.below are the few examples ...

Chrysler: The automobile company got good reviews for their Superbowl ad recently.But that positive mood didn't stayed much longer.

An employee from their media agency posted a tweet deriding Detroit by using a F-word.Confused it with his personal account he made this mistake.The company quickly apologized and deleted the tweet.

But they had gone a step further and remove the employee.This raised the opposition from across the social media.Many people felt removing employee is unnecessary as to err is human. (Moreover Eminem who acted in the ad is know for F-word curses!.nice brand association).

Gap's New Logo Fiasco:Gap a prominent cloth brand recently changed their logo and updated it in social networks for the user reviews.Within minutes the feedback came with slithering effects.Vocalized primarily on Twitter and Facebook, some users called the logo amateur while some users said that the new Gap logo looked like that for a “finance company” or a “tech company”. One Twitter user even went so far as to complain that the new Gap logo “looks as if it were done in Microsoft Word”.

An outrageous fan even made a website mocking Gap's new logo design.

But at the end Gap Installed it old logo by budging to the consumer's response.

Nestle's Facebook Failure: The fiasco started when Greenpeace posted a video of an office worker biting onto a orangutan finger instead of Kit Kat.

The ad was posted to oppose Nestle's purchasing of palm oil from Indonesian company who is accused of illegal deforestation(Orangutan's home).

Nestle used many tactics to remove the video from youtube.This made Nestle into more trouble.facebook and twitter was flooded with lots of complaint.Nestle's fcebook page flooded with negative comment along with altered logos.Nestle simply deleted the messages instead of tackling the situation in an appropriate manner.

At last when customer threatened to ban the usage of its products,they stop purchasing palm oil from that company.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dongala muta

Yet another sensation from maverick Ramgopal Varma .Now its not about the story but the techincality of the movie.His action will  literally reduce the role of Cinematographer in the Movie industry.

 For his next movie Dongala Muta he just used Canon 5D cameras to shoot the entire film.Now many of the producers are comming to him for the consultation because it reduces the budget substatially.

 The movie is releasing on 18th march and the fate of the Cinematographers depends on the success and failure of this movie.

see some trailer of the movie

Promo song


Making of the movie

eagerly waiting to watch the movie....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Never Mind the Bullets – HTML5 Interactive Comic

As the web and its technologies continue to evolve, we prepare to enter the age of HTML5. Created for «Beauty of the Web» in honor of the launch of Internet Explorer 9, «Never Mind the Bullets» offers the traditional comic strip experience enriched by the effects of parallax. By a simple movement of the mouse the strip becomes animated and the story comes to life. The story unfolds at LongHorn Gush, a quiet town troubled by a band of outlaws that call themselves «The Red Bandanas». However, with the arrival of the famous Bill «One Shot» Collins things are about to change…

View the interactive HTML5 comic

Tata crucible 2011,Ahmedabad-Part II

Super Over(wild card)

1.Invented by Scientist as a medicine and he extracted a hassle free cream which is used for cut and wounds?


2.House edge,reck,Payout are the words from?(gave 3 options)


3.George C L washington developed his own process and named it as Red E C(emergency)and marketed in 1900s what is it?

ans:instant coffee

4. Rayban glasses were used by united states airforce.who is the manufactures of the rayban?

ans:bosch &lamb logo that changed drastically to be aligned to present day consumers(couldnt get the entire question,some one attempted as Airtel which is wrong)


6. Rokusaburo Sugiura founded this  in Konishiya RokubÄ“.what is it?


7.In 1971 this was founded as a company manufacturing wired shopping baskets.Martin sorrel is associated with it.what is the company?

ans:WPP(MICA couldn't answered this Q!!!)

Lets Toss
1.Experiment happend during 1924 and 1934 named as hawthorne effect.explain it?

2.genga genshu genjitsu.japanese managers deploy some thing like this.what is the meaning?

ans:Actual place,actual thing,actual situation

3.Who in this world is Vintner?

ans:Vintage wine collector

4.C v Raman have enough instruments to seeing his article in which was published in a journal an industrialist brought him spectograph.who is he?


5.For Decades te Siren has been there all the time,The CEO post this o his website.what are we talking about?

ans:starbucks logo

6.1844 a letter from elizabeth barret to robert brownning  .....(something regarding poetry..)

ans:Charles babbage


ans:Bill gates first commercialized programm


Ans:admiral Grace murray hopper

9.A product design prototype similar to transistor(pic was give )what is the importance?

ans:Nazi transistor which can be tuned to only one channel

10. what is his invention

 ans:stormy kromer,baseball hats

11.what did this person gave to world?
ans;post it slips(Arthur fry)

12.below shown script is  testement that is used to fund what?
ans:Nobel's will(for Nobel prize)

Brand "Heaven & Hell"

Eric Schmidt: Display Advertising

Speaking at the IAB leadership conference on Sunday, Eric Schmidt outlines why Display has the largest upside in online advertising going forward:
  • Online Advertising projected to be $62 Billion ($26 Billion US) in 2011 of which Display is projected to be 17 Billion (9 Billion US)
  • Display is growing faster than other forms of online advertising: during the Superbowl, mobile searches were 2-3x desktop searches on the advertised products
  • Where should advertisers place messages? Desktop, Tablet or Mobile? The answer is all three, the marketplace self selects the delivery device
  • RTB technology is the enabler of the potentially exponential growth of display going forward
excerpts from Advertising Perspective

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tata crucible 2011,Ahmedabad

It is an exhilarating movement for the Amdavad's management student.Yet again Tata crucible showed that though the IIM-A is top B-school,they don't have enough gray cells to compete with NIRMA and MICA.

        This is my second attempt to at least reach the top 6,now it became my last too.Any way i am posting partial questions from the Quiz..Correct me if i go wrong any where...


1.Venkatesh and Shivadas started this chain in Kalyan, mumbai.and built their venture to a national ethnic fast-food powerhouse with a retro Bollywood theme.what is the fast-food we are talking?
Ans:Vada pav 

2."Aalami ___________" is the first India 24 hours Urdu news channel started by a media business conglomerate? name it

3.P&G campain of Shadow shampoo .HUL used ambush marketing .which is the hul product that was against Panteen?


4. Identify the logo(logo shown with out name)

5.founded in 1952 by late Shri K.V.Pendharkar, the Group has emerged today as makers of the best internationally known products of the Ayurveda.what is the group(Question contains some other clues like)


6.In 1961,this company became first japanees company to be listed in the wall street?


7.Israeli company Modu along with an indian company made a world's lightest mobile phone"________ modu -T".what is the indian company?


ans:swaminathan aiyar
9.In santoor,the word 'san" came from sandle then "toor" came from?


10.An indian two wheeler company first time launche thier three wheeler product called "king".what is the company?

11.April 14,is now observed as a matrimony day.which company introduce this day?


12.Book cover(with no pic and name) based on whom the book was written?
13.Mel Blanc voiced the character for 49 years.he has his enemies as porky pig and Elmer fudd etc..?

ans:Bugs bunny

14.Artistry,Satinique,Attitude,LOC are the brands of which company?


15.Company formed by John H patterson and its first name is"The Cash"?what is it now called?(contains some other clues)

ans;National cash registry(NCR)

16.Identify the person(toughest)
ans:Alan turing

17.this international telecommunication company name was inspired by a company called "victrola".name the company?


18.In Dilberts comic "who is the most desperate venture capitalist"?


19.A question regarding Nirma's jingle(forgot it!)

20.identify the company?

ans:C dot

i will post the final questions 2mro.......


Monday, March 14, 2011

Creative Colors:My Idea

participated in a ad competition in Brandpotion

Streets are filled with Idiots

CEAT's new advertisements are very much to the point.The insight that streets are always filled with idiots and you cant escape will shows the perils of Indian roads.

       The functionality of the tyre is good grip and that was shown clearly in ads.And with ceat bike tyres at least driver will be safe.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Top Social Media brands:Infographics

MENA:My Views

For past few days i was mulling over to write my views on Middle East and North Africa(MENA) crisis.In my last post on this issue,i gave a glimpse of how social media helped the revolution successful.

After reading many articles i formed a view on this subject.I learned a lot from this ,and i am putting all those here..

1.Most of the economy is dependent on Oil.So income levels increases and middle class gradually increase.These middle class people carve for freedom,they are not like poor who are subdued by powerful monarchs.Moreover education level increase along with the penetration of Internet.

2.Most of the middle eastern countries are ruled by individual and tyrannical rulers.there is never been democracy.Britain ,France and many other colonial powers directly ruled most of the Asian and African continent,but they controlled middle east through subservient monarchs.
         So there is never been any institutions like judiciary,administration and free press.Colonialism brought in democracy,liberty and equality.

3.Another major factor for the success of this revolution is Globalization.The whole world is at your door steps.World wide web made this even more of the reason  for the Egypt's Mobarak downfall is the pressure from world countries.this happened through dissemination of information.

4.Social media like Facebook and twitter and you tube played their part.they become most favored tools to topple tyrannical rulers(Bush administration spent billions of dollars just to remove Saddam Hussian).

5.Another aspect that i came across is a theory call Domino Theory.for the people who came across this concept first time....

    "The domino theory was a theory during the 1950s to 1980s, promoted at times by the government of the United States, that speculated that if one land in a region came under the influence of communism, then the surrounding countries would follow in a Domino effect. The domino effect suggests that some change, small in itself, will cause a similar change nearby, which then will cause another similar change, and so on in linear sequence, by analogy to a falling row of dominoes standing on end."

        Same ting happen in the case of MENA nation.The governments were toppled like a pack of cards.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Fevicol ad

As usual Ogilvy did their magic.Its a recall ad,or may be a buzz creator .

Actually its difficult to say the same message again and again,but they are doing it perfectly.The bonding is always there.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Lost Thing

This is a short animated film that won 2011 Oscars.It has wonderful story and hats off to the imaginative story.
 The story is about a teen who found a thing(neither a machine or an animal) on the beach.No one knows about this thing,even his friend who know about he brings it to home,but his parent didn't approve that.At last he sees an advertisement which say that Department of Lost and found will take care of the unknown thing.

  He goes there,but a worker gives him a slip of direction and asks him not to submit the thing there.So he takes the direction slip and finds the place which is a place for Unknown things that doesn't know by anyone.hey say good bye to his unknown friend and leaves the unknown world.

What captivated me most is the story.Its like a dream,full of imaginative things.In the end the movie shows the life of a mechanical world where there is no value to emotions.

Lord of War

                                           "Never go to war,especially with yourself."

The movie is based on International arm dealer.Though the story was fictional,most of the conflicts portrayed i the film were real .You will find historical depicts of the war happened in many places.The brutality of the war was shown by clearly saying that an arm dealer is a spec in the world of arm deals .
    The five largest arms exporters USA, UK, Russia,France, and China are also the permanent member in the security council of UN.this shows the gravity of the situation.
    So there will never be peace in this world.This movie depicts the situation happened in Lebanon, Sudan, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

  Nicolas Cage as an international arm deal gave a scintillating performance .The screenplay was good,never felt bored.In the end Cage choose his passion instead of his family that is dealing ,in which he is good at.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Brand Extension by UN

The United Nations recently launched what they claim to be the world’s first tuition-free online university. Dubbed University of the People, the site aims to bring education to the masses. Shai Reshef, head of the venture, has ambitions of giving free textbooks, e-learning, and peer-to-peer teaching to hundreds of millions of people with no access to conventional teaching methods. According to the UN, students will be placed in classes of 20, after which they can log on to a weekly lecture, discuss it with their peers, and take tests online. Volunteer professors, graduate students, and students in other classes offer additional training. Visit the University of the People here

UID:Imapct and Evolution

Monday, March 7, 2011

It Happens When Nobody Is Watching

Amnesty International’s bus stop ad is a great example of how interactivity and eyeball-aware ads can be used to engage viewers and add another level of meaning to the overall message. The ad is for a campaign that aims to bring awareness to the problem of domestic violence, and uses a small camera to detect faces. When no one is looking, the screen shows a man abusing his wife. When the camera detects a face, the ad waits a few seconds for the message to sink in, and then the couple stops fighting and does their best to look normal. It’s a subtle message, but definitely drives home their tagline, “It Happens When Nobody Is Watching.”


QR codes

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Glowing Ceral boxes with Wirless power

eCoupled intelligent wireless power is so flexible it can actually be printed directly onto packaging. A low-cost enhancement to product packaging, printed coils allow real-time communication from the package to the store shelf, and then to the store’s inventory management system. Product quantities can be identified and tracked, expiration dates monitored, and new stock automatically ordered when supplies are low to help reduce lost sales.

Akshay's New Thumsup Ad (Full of Stunts)

In the TVC, Kumar is first seen perched atop the bonnet of a jeep parked at the edge of a cliff, with a young woman for company. When she asks him playfully, "What all have you done for your Thums Up?", he starts to remember various dare devil stunts he's pulled for his bottle: jumping out of the window of an exploding high rise, swimming through strong rapids, snatching a Thums Up bottle from the jaws of a vicious alligator, and taking on a mob of angry gangsters. Coming back to reality, Kumar shrugs and modestly responds to the girl, "Nothing much." The girl reacts, "Really?", takes out a bottle of Thums Up and chucks it off the cliff, innocently saying, "Oops!" The TVC ends with Akshay leaping off the cliff after his bottle.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Uninor's Innovative OOH @ Vastrapur

I had my first sight on this hoarding 20 days back.from that day on i watched it everyday when i cross Vastapur Lake.
       When i first saw it ,my eyes were stuck with the up & down motion of the lights depicted in the form of music and i saw it from far away distance.and you know,my reaction was "what's the hell happening there".then showed it to my friend, walked a few steps then saw the Uninor's Logo.

         Its very eye catchy and severs the purpose.i.e grabbing the attention and showing the functionality of the product/service.

Creative control

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tanu weds Manu

Just came from watching this movie.The movie is very fresh,in the sense its very refreshing .

    Though the story is old and known to every body(watching the love story from past 10 years...) more over felt like i am watching a Telugu movie with out fights.Mostly all "rasas(nava rasa!!") were include.screenplay and editing was good.

  Kangana was at her best,though some of her facial expression were not suited to the occasions.For Madhavan,i felt sorry.though he is in every frame,he was not used properly.But over all a "mast" movie.

   enjoyed a lot by watching it.All the actors did well especially Jimmy don't miss it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Coca cola came up with new campaign for the sprite.This time they change the tag line which emphasis on freshness.

They used a concept called "University of Freshology" to reinforce the idea that Sprite is a refreshing drink.

 All the ads were superbly made.Humor is the driver for all the ads and the ads have very fresh look which is driven by the concept "UF".


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