Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tatto

Saw this Swedish movie yesterday. The story is based on a Novel. The story, a murder mystery had a fascinating screenplay.

The protagonist, a journalist by profession is chosen by a business man to unearth the mystery surrounded by her niece disappearance 40 years back. Every year he used to get a picture of a dry flower from her niece when she was alive. But even after her disappearance he gets a parcel every year. So he thinks that the murderer is sending those.

In another track the lead actress, a young hacker who hacks into journalist’s computer and deletes the evidence about another business man’s irregular activities (she was recruited to do this).When the journalist wrote an article about the irregularities, the business man goes to court. And due to insufficient evidence the court sentence the journalist for wrong accusation.

 Before going for the sentence he is hired to unearth the murder mystery. When he is researching about the murder, the actress who is still hacking his computer finds something related to the murder. After that both will team up and solves the mystery.

The background score makes it more interesting. It is like the Sherlock Holmes story. A good watch.



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