Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eskiya( The Bandit)

                                                  "what does life matter in face of love"

This is a fabulous love story from Turkey.The story touched my heart ,and it has a fantastic screen play.The story is about a bandit who after serving 35 years in jails,searches for his love in the streets of Istanbul.

when the bandit comes out ,he discovers that his close friend is one one who made him to suffer in the jail.not only that ,his friend had stolen his gold and his love interest.So he goes to Istanbul to find her.

He accidentally meets a young guy and quickly become his acquaintance .the young guy help him to find his love.There are many twists and turns in movie.one has to see it to enjoy.so i am not writing the whole story.

But the actors are very good, especially "Sener sen".Noe i am downloading other of is movies.

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