Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Summer begins now

Summer brings the celebrations for cola companies.with the insight that Indians prefer traditional drinks like nimbu paani and coconut water,companies are coming with those concepts.

Well the local markets are already filled with road side "nimbu paani carts" ,"coconut vendors" and "Gola vendors",the big guns like Coca cola,Pepsi,and Parle with their huge advertising budgets were trying to occupy these markets.

here are some of the ads from coca cola. for Maaza and Minute Maid nimbu fresh
After hectic office lets have a mango drink.

why so hurry.feel every sip.nicely executed.

Bringing childhood memories and attaching it with the product.that's the only part i liked

ideation was good,but i didn't liked the execution .i don't know why they need to go to Mandi.its not at all necessary.


  1. loved the mazza ad- ghisa pita idea but gr8 execution. the minute maid- good idea, bad execution.



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