Sunday, March 27, 2011

Science Fiction all day

Two days back when i was doing a spelling check for the word "Abyss"(in google!!),i came across a movie with the same title.James Cameroon was the director ,so out of sheer enthusiasm i download it.


Wowwww! that was my first expression after watching this.Marvelous story at par with "Avatar" and better than "Sanctum".
The movie has full length under water picturization.I was really amazed by the technology and animation used in the movie(it is a 1989 movie).

well the story is about a bunch of under water oil rig technician who came across Aliens in the water.They were living under the deep fathoms without harming any one.but one day a US nuclear submarine met with an accident in deep water and get submerged. US Military want to know what happen( they thought Russians did it).So they bring Under water OUl rig tecchnician to know what happen to the submarine.

The real story happens from here.But more important is the visualization and imagination of Cameroon. Writing such a story and directing it simply fantastic.

The movie has message to the world.Aliens want peace among people,if we fight with each other they will kill us all.

The Thing

The alien bug bit me,so i searched IMDB to find out similar genre  of same time period(1980's).And i came across with this movie.Story and screen play was good,though a bit cruelty was show( its a must for that character!).
The story happen in Antarctica .A bunch of US scientists found out that their camp was  inhibited by an alien who occupy any life form by taking away the body.No one knows who is infected and the alien eats away one by one to improve its strength.
  It can live in the ice for millions of years and Fire is its enemy.A good watch.

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