Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tata crucible 2011,Ahmedabad-Part II

Super Over(wild card)

1.Invented by Scientist as a medicine and he extracted a hassle free cream which is used for cut and wounds?


2.House edge,reck,Payout are the words from?(gave 3 options)


3.George C L washington developed his own process and named it as Red E C(emergency)and marketed in 1900s what is it?

ans:instant coffee

4. Rayban glasses were used by united states airforce.who is the manufactures of the rayban?

ans:bosch &lamb logo that changed drastically to be aligned to present day consumers(couldnt get the entire question,some one attempted as Airtel which is wrong)


6. Rokusaburo Sugiura founded this  in Konishiya RokubÄ“.what is it?


7.In 1971 this was founded as a company manufacturing wired shopping baskets.Martin sorrel is associated with it.what is the company?

ans:WPP(MICA couldn't answered this Q!!!)

Lets Toss
1.Experiment happend during 1924 and 1934 named as hawthorne effect.explain it?

2.genga genshu genjitsu.japanese managers deploy some thing like this.what is the meaning?

ans:Actual place,actual thing,actual situation

3.Who in this world is Vintner?

ans:Vintage wine collector

4.C v Raman have enough instruments to seeing his article in which was published in a journal an industrialist brought him spectograph.who is he?


5.For Decades te Siren has been there all the time,The CEO post this o his website.what are we talking about?

ans:starbucks logo

6.1844 a letter from elizabeth barret to robert brownning  .....(something regarding poetry..)

ans:Charles babbage


ans:Bill gates first commercialized programm


Ans:admiral Grace murray hopper

9.A product design prototype similar to transistor(pic was give )what is the importance?

ans:Nazi transistor which can be tuned to only one channel

10. what is his invention

 ans:stormy kromer,baseball hats

11.what did this person gave to world?
ans;post it slips(Arthur fry)

12.below shown script is  testement that is used to fund what?
ans:Nobel's will(for Nobel prize)

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