Saturday, March 17, 2012

shala -school

                                                       A movie that invokes child in you.

My friend Gaurav gurav introduced me to marathi movies,as a movie buff i readily accepted his offer and we watched lot of Marathi movies together (natarang,aapus,de dhakka etc...).On a fine feb(2011) morning,Gaurav showed me shala's movie website.And we eagerly waited fro the movie to release and it never happend.We completed our MBA(Masters of Bekaars &Aavaras) and mooved on in our life. Almost a year passed from that day.

Don't know how,i stumbled upon this movie and searched the web for the release date.To my surprise it is youtube already released.watched it.I went to my ethereal world.felt like i want my childhood back.I genie appears ,i just ask for my childhood.Those days from my Navodaya,BTech and MBA are now moving infornt of me  like movie on the screen.I miss you guy(my Navodaya rustic bunch,BTech bekar band,and MBA avara hostlers).

well comming to movie, every scene depict those innocent minds trying to explore the world without knowing the consequences of their acts.For me ,every frame awakened  my sleeping neurons and in turn took me to my childhood.especially those scenes where the lead actor watches his love interest without noticing her.I did this a lot.though never dared to tell her that i liked her.perhaps if those days comes back i want to tell her that i liked her.

                                      Great acting by each and every one.And its one of the best
                                             Thanks to Sujay Dahake for this wonderful movie

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Businessman 2

                                   hilarious,yet thought provoking,better than original movie .

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paan Singh Tomar

A good biopic.can't say the best of what I have seen,but it touched me.I longed for such type of stories for a long time.Irfan khan,though as an young athlete didn't fared well,but as an innocent,naive and brave hearted,he showed us what he sacrificed to be heard.It is a true story of an Indian national champion's journey athlete to dacoit.  

                                   A great tribute to the unsung hero of India who lost his way


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