Sunday, February 27, 2011

King's Speech

Well i need to say a lot about this movie....

            Yesterday my juniors gave us a farewell party(Thanks to them!).It was fun filled and most of my friends enjoyed it.But i don't know why,i couldn't enjoyed much .i felt like i was all alone in the crowd.

         So i came home in the middle and started watching this movie.

No person in this world is perfect,even the king.But every person in this world is special,even me.That's what i learned from this movie.we all have our own strengths and weakness.So work on your weakness,at te same time polish your strengths.

           The movie is a historical drama about Stuttering King George VI.Inorder to overcome his stammer,he was introduced to Lionel Logue ,a speech therapist without any credentials.And the story continues with the friendship between them and how the king overcomes the stammer by giving a speech rememberd by his people till now.

this is a classic.Collin Firth was awesome as king.each and every frame was captivating so was Geofry Rush(pirates of caribbean fame) ,he was fentabulous . 

                                        no more to say....just watch it....very inspiring...

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