Monday, February 21, 2011

CAPTCHA Advertising

Its amazing that everyting and anything can be done through Internet.In US ,Online and social media advertising attracting companies to spent their advertising budgets.As more and more people trying to connect and want to be virtually social through this medium.

Now there are many way of advertising a brand in virtual space like,Placing ads in a website ,creating a fan page in social networks etc.But have you ever heard of CAPTCHA marketing.well it is one of the innovativ e way of  advertising.

Those who are not familiar withe term,"CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test. This is a tool that websites often use to ensure that an action is completed by an actual human being, rather than a spamming bot."

If you have left comments on blogs or registered for just about anything online you have likely completed a CAPTCHA. They can sometimes be difficult to read, and are made more difficult to read as spammers get better and better.

A few years later Carnegie Mellon University created a system called reCAPTCHA which asked users to enter words from scanned books. This allowed the school to both block spammers and digitize many out-of-print books. It was a novel way to do something positive with a chore done by millions of people each day. In 2009, Google acquired the tool and continued to use it to digitize its book collection.

How will advertiser use this tool,well a user starts some registration process. After filling out private details, instead of a captcha image – he sees an ad. The various of ads can be flash ads, banners, or video clips. The user gets a question that refers to the ad for which he has to figure out the correct answer (and type it, of course). The correct answer is used as a captcha verification.

It could be some thing like Name the brand that your a seeing.Or entering the tag line.

When we come to contact with CAPTCHA we never give that much attention to the normal one and some times we feel sick to type those gibberish words.But the new format will certainly your eyes.For a few second you may be amused to see an ad,so the recall.

"Solve Media ,one of the pioneers in this says that they have a 1200% better rate of recall than a banner ad.As every day million of internet users came across these ad ,may be its a viable option for marketers.

But,Captchas are usually used when signing up to a service to verify you’re human – if they can’t tell if you’re a human or not how are they able to tell if you are male, female, young, old.

Anyway keep watching,you may not know tomorrow it could become a revolution in the way we advertise. 

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