Thursday, February 17, 2011

Patiala House

Well i don't know how to start this post,so divided this post into few sections:-

         Though a routine story line,execution is good.And the first half is really good.Akshay kumar  acted well as son of rigid minded Rishi kapoor.Kapoor has a powerful role as a white hater and protector of Indian rights in the county(Story happens in England).So people respects him.In turn his son pays for that respect.Akshay want to become a cricket but his dad wont give him permission to play for England.well i don't want to indulge into story.but eventually he convinces his father.
          Again Anushka Sharma acted as a cheerful bubbly girl.And all the actors also did their part well.

          I don't know why the director choose cricket .Fine  i am ok with it,but they made England cricket management as fools.Hoe could any one select a person who is fast bowler in his teens and never played it for 17 years.This ridiculous.may be director thought that it may get good collections as cricket season is coming.but inclusion of cricket is the single biggest thing.I can dig many such things,but leave it.

...............liked the movie as whole.can watch it once.

Brands in the movie:-
         Reebok,ESPN,Starsports,HDFC standard Life,Kingfisher.

Free and Good promotion for "KAALI the Great"

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