Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sonic Branding


Sound or sonic branding is a broad term which encompasses various sound formats that can be associated with a brand such as signature tune, jingle, background music, tag line, background song and brand theme.
 In branding Sound is as important as logo or the visual images .We easily recognize Nike or Doordarshan or Mac'D with their logo.Similarly,some of the most memorable examples in Sonic branding would include the signature tunes of Titan, Britannia, Raymond, Nokia, Liril, Vodafone, Airtel, Tata DoCoMo and some of the jingles/songs of television commercials of yesteryears such as Hamara Bajaj, Sabki Pasand Nirma.

If company want to give complete Customer experience,it has to be multi-sensory .Sound reaches the sub-conscious,triggers the memories and brings out the emotions.Sometimes music can be used to enhance the visual content.It will complement the visuals to make the TVC more memorable.  

 Now a days Radio advertising took the pace because of its reach to the young population .This becomes  relevant now as more and more brands are competing in this space.

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