Saturday, April 23, 2011


Its a story of a blue parrot and his adventures.The parrot was caged by some smugglers from Brazilian forest and taken to Minnesota,America.The box containing the baby bird accidentally flew out from the truck and a little girl keeps the parrot. this is the child hood.

   After many years of domestication,the blue parrot learns every thing and lives happily with his master,until a Brazilian scientist lands at their door steps.he persuades his owner Linda to bring the parrot to Rio,so that they can improve their breed by mating a lone female parrot of his species.

The actual adventure happens from here.The parrot meets his wild counterparts who want to escape from the lab.But both were smuggled again by a smuggler .And later part of story is how they escape and how the male parrot impress the female parrot.

The story has many character who helps the players.all together its a family entertainer.Most important the Rio festival was nicely the movie.

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