Friday, April 1, 2011

F.A.L.T.U Accepted

 yaa guys,in the movie it was accepted as professional university by mithun da.But actually it was the story of "Accepted".we need to accept the truth that we are good at "makki to makki"(copied exactly).

English movie aficionados might have known about the english version,but for many of my Indian friends it is a new concept,new story .

The movie is a satire on our educational system in a humors way.well the story is about a bunch of friends who were rejected by all the colleges.In order to escape their family wrath,they creates a fake university and made their parents believe.they create fake website ,gives an ad in news paper and rents an old building.
But the problem starts withe website and the ad in paper.Student from all over india comes to join that college.The real story starts from here.
All the lead actors, who are fresh faces played well.Arshad warsi and Ritesh Deshmuk were like pillars of the movie.The dance sequence that come in the last 15 minutes was awesome.really liked the concept.well i need to appreciate the director.he took risk to name this movie as "FALTU",though the movie's story was copied,he executed it effectively to the Indian situations.

Product Placement:McDonalds,Acer,Apple ipad,Nissan,Google.

Good entertainer for youth.It also spreads the message that  you need to follow your passion,success will be your.

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