Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Akira Kurasowa's Ran & Dersu Uzala

I came to know Akira as Japanese director who directed Rashomon.When i saw this movie,i was confused and took help of Wikipedia to know the story and watched it again.because story was told in 4 versions .so the story repeats again and again(Confused!!!).But it's a WOW!!! factor after knowing the trick.

 simply superb..

SO, with a lot of admiration for Akira Kurasowa started downloading his movies..


simple story and lot of visualization.full credit to picturization.A story of a king and his 3 sons.king becomes old and want to make his elder son the king,so distributes is kingdom according to all is sons.the youngest always opposes his father's traditionalist views and blind faith on is brother.

so he feel the warth of is father and was thrown out of kingdom.mean while the eldest with his evil intentions and by his wife's advice throws away his father.( *Women-they are the creators and they are the destroyers).King gets the same treatment from his second son.

when he was on is way to 3rd castle which was to be given to his third son.the other to sons attacks the father and try to kill him.the second son took this as an opportunity and kill his elder brother and becomes emperor.

with this father realizes what he has done and loses his mind.in the end the 3rd son comes to rescue his father but was killed by his brothers army.in the end every one dies.

Actually this is story of everything from love,lust,power,respect,relationship,revenge.every character has a meaning full part in this movie.all element of life was depicted in it.

a must watch..


It is a adventure movie and story is based on a book named the same.It is a story of an explorer who met nomad who is entirely opposite to explorer's character.yet their relationship and their bonding was shown in this movie.

The nomad(dersu) helps explore to show the way and most of the story happens in forest only. some of the scenes in this movie are festival to eyes.especially Dersu(the nomad) once scolds a tiger who follows them in the forest.its childish but shows the mentality of dersu.

the movie depicts Siberia's nature and dangers and perils of the nature.Actually this the the nomard from the eyes of explorer.

 when explore felt that dersu became old ,he asks him to come to city.There Dersu couldn't live and at last tells explorer that he is  leaving he city.

The end was bit sad .explores gets a telegram say Dersu was killed in the jungle.but it is appropriate to end the story.the last scene where explore morns for his friend was picture perfect.

               my next movie....Seven Samurai

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