Saturday, April 10, 2010

My SIP journey starts...

I was selected in Raymond Apparel ltd for my summer internship in Mumbai.Its literally First time i am going to mumbai.Though i am skeptical about how manage in Mumbai,i am very much exited to work in Raymond and fell the finamcial capital's air.
So i started my journey to the FIN capital on 3rd april,6 days earlier to my SIP date.i am staying in my friends home still.
on 9th of April (friday),i went to join in Raymond as intern.we(those who are all selected for raymond) went to Thane where RAymond Factory and Raymond Apparel LTD situated.we met manager Deepika Savant.we had a casual intoduction .she interviewd us about our interests, what we liked about Apparel industry and how can we contribute to Raymond etc...
then she asked us to come on Monday.on monday we are going to meet Mareting manage of Raymond Apparel have a brief about our projects.

i will post my SIP experience from monday on wards experience.untill thrn bye.i will enjoy my 2 more days of mumbai shikare

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